Of all the tours and activities that are offered in southern Costa Rica, unexpected opportunities to attend local events can result in some of the most memorable experiences. Local festivities and gatherings that can’t be found in any travel guide can provide a candid immersion into local custom and culture – if you’re up for it! We’ve been fortunate to attend some community events deep within the maze of the region’s waterways, including “jungle rodeos” and horseback riding competitions among local cowboys (and others brave enough to participate).

At these community gatherings, complete with food, drink and musical entertainment, we’ve met amazing people, sampled authentic cuisine, and watched some spirited competitions among incredibly skilled locals. These events are typically rather rustic affairs far off the paths traveled by most tourists. While practically impossible to plan ahead for such opportunities during your Casa Roja stay, you should definitely consider tagging along if our caretaker Argenis extends an invitation. If you decide to join the festivities, please keep in mind to keep your mind open! Local standards for safety, food hygiene, and animal welfare may differ from your own, but you may be rewarded with an enriching behind-the-scenes experience that few tourists get to enjoy.

Event “parking” along the Sierpe River