Argenis Artavia, Graciela Gómez, and their daughter Valentina are the caretakers living at the Casa Playa and are here to help you during your stay. They will provide you a basic overview of the property on your first day, are always available to answer any questions, and will work to ensure you have the best possible experience at Casa Roja. They will respect your privacy and will stop by in mornings and evenings at pre-arranged times to help you plan your day. They will work with you to determine your desired level of assistance with meals and housekeeping. You can use the two-way radio (or WhatsApp) to contact Argenis and Graciela if you need anything. Call them immediately if there is a health concern, an animal in the house, or any other emergency.

Argenis is your boat driver, guide, and general go-to person with questions during your stay!

Argenis is originally from Guanacaste in the northwest of Costa Rica, but has lived around Sierpe for about 20 years. Before becoming the caretaker at Casa Roja, he worked with horses on a number of fincas (ranches) in the area, and then in the tourism industry in Sierpe. He’s incredibly apt at spotting wildlife, imitating the calls of animals found along the Rio Sierpe, well known and respected locally, and knows the river like the back of his hand. His favorite things about the Boca are the sun, sand, sea, and tranquility.

Graciela has spent her whole life in southern Costa Rica. Born in Golfito, she has lived and worked in San Vito, Drake and Sierpe before moving to the Boca. She takes delight in preparing and sharing the culinary delights that Costa Rica has to offer for guests. Graciela appreciates the uniqueness and natural beauty of the Boca environment, loves the fact that there are more animals than people, and sees the Boca as a place where the fast pace, stress and problems of modern work matter very little.

Besides being an excellent chef, Graciela is pretty skilled with a fishing rod!

Marvin is a skilled provider of fresh coconuts!

Marvin is our nearest neighbor and he is enthusiastic about sharing the boca environment with you. He speaks only a little English, but he tries hard and loves to learn. He will be happy to show you how the locals fish, take you on a hike to the waterfall, walk you along the rocks to the beach at Playa Marvin, or accompany you to Playa Ganado. There are a number of hazards around the boca, and it is very helpful (and sometimes reassuring) to have Marvin nearby. Ask him to harvest and open a coconut for you or show you where the cacao beans grow!

Pelusa, Sophie, and TingTing are a few of the boca dogs. All of the dogs are friendly, but please let us know if you are uncomfortable around dogs. They help keep animals out of the house at night and help alert us to snakes on hikes. Consider them assets.

Our friendly staff will help you feel at home and allow you to experience the local sights, tastes, and culture of the Boca del Rio Sierpe!

Friendly Pelusa (meaning “fluff”!), one of the dogs at Casa Roja